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10 October 2019

Competition 1 - Seasonal Scapes - Print

Seasonal Scapes - Any type of Scape (Landscape, Cityscape, Seascape etc), that clearly shows one of the 4 seasons OR seasonal celebrations, events or occasions.

14 November 2019

Competition 2 - Square Format - Digital

Square Format - This brief is open to any subject or genre, the only criteria is that the image must be in a square format (square in dimensions, not an image of a square subject!).

05 December 2019

Competition 3 - Portraits - Print

Portrait - The Image must be a portrait of a human or animal, shot in studio or natural setting, staged or candid, as long as you capture the subject as a portrait shot.

06 Feburary 2020

Competition 4 - Motion & Movement - Digital

Motion or Movement - Any image that captures the use of motion or movement in a creative or unique way. You can use fast or slow shutter speeds, layers and other various techniques to show motion.

05 March 2020

Competition 5 - Tell a Story - Print

Tell a Story - The brief is simply that the image (s) must tell a story. Explore photojournalism or street photography to get some inspiration. You can use a single image or montage of several shots to tell the story. It is up to you.

02 April 2020

Competition 6 - Paths, Pathways and Roads - Digital

Pathways or Roads - The image must clearly show a path, road or some other strong leading lines.

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